Kids will think it’s cool, Parents know it’s safe.

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Kid-Friendly Gaming Console - Over 400 Free Games on Demand

MiiPC brings fun to the whole family with the integrated Cannonball gaming console.

With over 400 kid-­friendly curated Android game titles, children and adults can enjoy their favorite games on MiiPC using off-the-shelf game controllers. Whether it is education gaming for children or competitive gaming for teens, the Cloud-based parental control gives parents the ability to stay aware of what their children are playing, and make sure their gaming experience is a healthy one.

All the Power of Android and Web Apps

Powered by Android, MiiPC gives your family access to a world of Android and web apps to expand the functionality of the device.

Download apps and games to the MiiPC and your family gets a world-class experience like on an Android phone or tablet. Stay online and the MiiPC web browser delivers a fast and high quality experience.

With access to 800,000+ Android apps, 500+ hand-picked web apps from the MiiPC Web App Center and full Internet browsing, your family PC becomes a computing hub for learning, entertainment, fun and communications.

All in One

You get everything you need with MiiPC – all the computing power in a single compact device.

Once you plug in a keyboard & mouse and connect it to your HDTV or computer monitor, MiiPC provides familiar desktop tools and Android apps, the ability to surf the web, play media, share photos, and even play games.

With MiiPC, you and your kids have everything you need to succeed, play, and connect with others.

Kid Safe - with Cloud-based Parental Control Features

MiiPC delivers the world’s most powerful, flexible and friendly parental control tools to protect your kids and give them full use of the computer.

You can set parameters, control the device from your smartphone (iOS or Android), and use the reporting to talk to your children about their computer use.

MiiPC gives your kids a powerful learning tool and gives you peace of mind.

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MiiPC Parental Control for iOS MiiPC Parental Control for Android

Big Screen Experience

MiiPC delivers a world-class Android experience but is optimized for the needs of a family PC.

The device allows you to build a big screen desktop hub, rather than try to organize multiple disconnected and unmanaged devices.

MiiPC can finally give you a one-box solution for homework, communications, gaming, and for those Friday night family videos with an amazing big screen experience.

Works both Online and Offline

Like a desktop PC, MiiPC lets you work offline when you need to focus, play your own media, or when you don’t want to rely on the web.

But MiiPC shines when you want to stream content, use Skype to speak to distant family, or play online games with friends. Because MiiPC was designed for ultimate functionality, your family gets value even when the web is down or slow.

Designed for Families and Children

MiiPC was designed and built from the ground up to be a family PC.

Built on Android to be as simple as a smartphone, your family can safely surf the web, play games, and do homework without having to slog through manuals and spend time with customer service.

Easy to install and with access to familiar apps and websites, MiiPC is designed to minimize the learning curve – whether your kids’ or your own.

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2 GB RAM / 8 GB Flash Memory
Jet Black
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MiiPC Basic Model

1 GB RAM / 4 GB Flash Memory
Glossy White
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