Offering businesses and retailers an Android device with the security and affordability they need.

Kiosk Mode

The all-new Kiosk Mode allows retailers and businesses to enjoy the security of MiiPC on the big screen or monitor. Powered by the Android OS, Kiosk Mode provides you with the security you need to lock down and restrict users from using unapproved applications.

Kiosk Mode also provides the option of having a single application always present in front of the user, further restricting access to other content. By locking and restricting access to the user, Kiosk Mode helps increase focus and productivity at the workplace and provides a safe way to promote products for retailers around the world.

Multi-User Mode

Multi-User Mode allows businesses and retailers to remotely provision login access to MiiPC with MiiPC Launcher and companion admin remote control mobile app for iOS and Android. You can create users, assign app access, set time limits, and monitor real-time usage and usage reporting information from anywhere.

Reseller Portal & Coupon Code Install

With the coupon code install, retailers can provide their customers with a more personalized experience with MiiPC.

Retailers can bundle apps of their choosing into a coupon code, distribute and provide different coupon codes for different users. Instead of having to browse through the app store and tediously select apps one-by-one, users can jump right in with their coupon codes, automatically download and install apps, and use them right from the get-go.

Extended Content Library Access

Now supporting NTFS and FAT32 file systems, you can use your USB external hard drives and plug it into your MiiPC to access your multimedia content.

The ability to connect large external storage devices allows you to directly access your important files, images, videos, and audio from your MiiPC!

MiiPC Premium Model

Business Edition
2 GB RAM / 8 GB Flash Memory
Jet Black
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MiiPC Premiun Model

MiiPC Basic Model

Business Edition
1 GB RAM / 4 GB Flash Memory
Glossy White
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MiiPC Premiun Model