Warranty Information

Limited Warranty

ZeroDesktop, Inc. (“ZeroDekstop”) warrants the MiiPC console (the “Product”) and only the Product, against material defects in materials and workmanship under normal and intended use as described in MiiPC specifications at www.MiiPC.com for a period of 14 months from the manufacturing date or 12 months from the purchase date, whichever is longer (“Warranty Period”). Under this Limited Warranty, if hardware defect arises and a valid claim is received by ZeroDesktop within the Warranty Period, the customer, at their own expense, is required to return the defective unit to ZeroDesktop offices. ZeroDesktop will, at its option and to the extent permitted by law, either repair the Product at no charge, using new or refurbished replacement parts, or exchange the Product with a new or refurbished Product. In the event of a defect, to the extent permitted by law, these are your sole and exclusive remedies. This Limited Warranty is valid only in the United States for Products sold through www.MiiPC.com (“MiiPC Website”), authorized distributor, or our Kickstarter campaign http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2102024857/miipc-power-to-the-parents?ref=card.

For purchases outside of United States, please see “International Policy” below.

Any Extended Warranty or Service Plan purchased through a Retail store is the responsibility of the Retail store and will not be honored by ZeroDesktop.

Our limited warranty refers to the repair/replacement of a defective product during the Warranty Period and not a refund. This limited warranty does not apply to: consumable parts that are designed to diminish over time (unless failure has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship); cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches and dents; damage caused by use with another product; damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, liquid contact, fire earthquake or other external cause; damage caused by using or operating the Product outside our published guidelines; damage caused by service performed or provided by anyone who is not an employee or authorized representative of ZeroDesktop; Product that has been modified to alter functionality or capability without the written permission of ZeroDekstop; defects caused by normal wear and tear or otherwise due to the normal aging of the Product; Product with serial number removed or defaced; Product with signs of casing being opened or other signs of attempted unauthorized customer self-repair.

To submit a warranty claim you must contact ZeroDesktop’s MiiPC Support Team at miipcsupport@zerdesktop.com to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”) number.

International Policy:

Our international customers will receive the same level of warranty on the Product as our customers in the United States. However, ZeroDesktop only supports domestic shipping, so the international customer must provide us with a designated delivery location within the United States or make arrangements with our Support Team at miipcsupport@zerdesktop.com to receive our shipment at an address outside the United States at the international customer’s cost.