Video Tutorial

MiiPC Home Edition Tutorial

1. Unboxing the MiiPC

  • Preparation
  • Setting up the MiiPC
  • Turning on the MiiPC

2. Setting Up MiiPC Accounts

  • First time setup: MiiPC Setup Wizard
  • Creating your parental account
  • Adding new users

3. Adding Apps to MiiPC

  • MiiPC Web App Center
  • Apps from MiiPC Featured Apps Store
  • Apps from 1Mobile Market

4. Customize Your MiiPC Desktop

  • Editing your profile: Avatar and wallpaper
  • Moving apps around your desktop

5. Using the MiiPC Browser and Web Apps

  • MiiPC Browser - Advanced mode
  • 'Kid's Category Only' mode for Web apps
  • MiiPC Browser setting options

6. Using MiiPC Parental Control Features

  • Setting up time limits
  • Viewing app activity reports
  • MiiPC Parental Control mobile app

7. Extra MiiPC Features

  • Accessing USB drives
  • Switching between apps
  • Logging out of the MiiPC main menu

MiiPC Business Edition Tutorial

1. Using MiiPC as Thin Client

2. Kiosk Mode

3. Featured Apps Store for Business

4. Installing Coupon Codes