General Support

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What is included in the MiiPC Package and what do I need to prepare for the setup?

How do I setup the MiiPC device?

How do I power up MiiPC?

What is the difference between ‘TV/Game’ display mode and ‘Desktop’ display mode?

How do I calibrate my screen?

What display resolution does MiiPC support?

Do I need to calibrate my screen if I connect MiiPC to my HDTV or computer monitor with TV tuner?

How do I activate the Parental Control Mode on MiiPC?

Can I use the standard Android user interface with MiiPC?

Where can I download the companion MiiPC Parental Control mobile app?

If I don’t have a smart phone, can I still access the MiiPC Parental Control features?

MiiPC Device Setup & Configuration

Where I can find MiiPC setup instructions?

How do I connect to a Bluetooth enabled device?

How do I change the default language?

How do I enable non-English keyboard support?

Will MiiPC support Flash content in websites?

Can I turn off the ‘green’ accent light located at the bottom of MiiPC device?

Android Apps Related

Where can I download and install Android apps to MiiPC?

How do I install Android apps from Amazon AppStore?

Can I install Android apps from a USB flash drive or USB HDD?

Can MiiPC run every single Android app?

Connecting Peripherals to MiiPC Device

What keyboard & mouse can I use for MiiPC?

What game controllers can I use with MiiPC?

What webcam can I use for MiiPC?

Can I plug a HDD (Hard Disk Drive) into MiiPC?

How can I print from MiiPC?

MiiPC Software Related

How can I monitor, manage and control MiiPC device from other places?

What are some of the highlights of MiiPC Parental Control & how do I use them?

How do I move MiiPC desktop icons and how to create ‘group’ folders?

What do I ‘dock’ my favorite app in MiiPC?

How to add new Web Apps to MiiPC?

How to add new Android Apps in MiiPC admin’s account?

What is MiiPC’s safe browser and how does it work?

How do I use Android navigation key in MiiPC?

How do I transfer files to MiiPC?

How do I setup the MiiPC Media Server?

Cannonball Gaming Console

What is the Cannonball gaming console?

What do I need to play games with Cannonball?

How do I invoke the Cannonball gaming console from my MiiPC?

I do not see the Cannonball gaming console on my MiiPC. Where can I find it?

How do I use the parental control features to limit the gameplay for my children on Cannonball?

I cannot download Android games from the Cannonball game console, what should I do?


I do not see the entire display area when connected MiiPC to my HDTV, what should I do?

The display resolution does not seem right when connecting MiiPC to my HDTV or computer monitor, what should I do?

I cannot download Android apps from 1Mobile Market, what should I do?

I cannot activate MiiPC and register a MiiPC account, what should I do?

Future Updates & Known Bugs