Release Notes #4 - MiiPC Firmware Update (September 22, 2014)

Build Number: JDQ39024

MiiPC Firmware Enhancements

  • Full NTFS read/write support for external HDD and flash drive

    • Expand MiiPC’s storage with NTFS-based external HDD and flash drive support through USB connections
  • Added “Reboot” feature

  • Enhanced Plex streaming and playback performance from Plex Media Server

  • Software RTC (real-time clock)

    • When MiiPC is turned off (but still connected to the electricity plug), the system continues to keep track of its local time and will sync-up to Internet clock upon power up.
  • Support PPPoE

  • Added Android setting option to disable “forced landscape display” to allow screen rotation

    • This feature would be useful if the app can only support portrait mode display.
  • Lots of under-the-hood enhancements for video playback performance & system memory usage optimizations

New Apps Enhancements

  • MiiPC launcher: MiiPC account forget password feature for non-admin users

  • MiiPC Browser: Enhanced browser to handle click-through URL redirect

  • MiiPC Setup Wizard: coupon code install

Bug Fixes

  • Cannonball game download support with latest 1Mobile Market (over 400 games are now supported in Cannonball)

  • Fixed Android setting for PCM (HDMI Audio Passthrough) and DRC to remember user preference

    • Android Settings → Sound → HDMI Audio Passthrough
    • Android Settings → Sound → DRC On/Off