Release Notes #2 - MiiPC Firmware Update (January 24, 2014)

Build Number: JDQ39016

New MiiPC Features:

  • Cannonball console gaming

    Cannoball console gaming screenshots
    • We have collaborated with 18th Parallel to integrate the Cannonball console gaming platform with MiiPC. Cannonball provides a familiar game controller experience to enhance regular tablet Android gameplay on a large screen HDTV or monitor. This new feature is available to all existing MiiPC users through Firmware update #2
    • Key features include:
      • Over 70 kid­friendly curated Android game titles (e.g., popular titles like Temple Run, Manuganu, Cordy, Wind­up Knight, etc.) available on demand with game controller support.
      • Added “Cannonball” app to launch the Cannonball console gaming
        Cannoball console gaming icon
      • Support off­the­shelf game controllers including Xbox 360, PS3, Logitech and Snakebyte. See a full list of supported game controllers here.
      • Integrated with 1Mobile Market and Google Play* for game download and installation
      • Integrated with MiiPC cloud­based parental control to monitor, manage and view gameplay usage reporting from the MiiPC Parental Control mobile app (iOS and Android) and MiiPC Parental Portal (via any web browser)

        *Google Play is not included in MiIPC but can be installed by advanced users.
  • New “TV & Game” Display Mode vs. “Desktop” Display Mode in Android Settings menu

    • “TV & Game” Display Mode: optimized for HDTV with larger display font and image size to provide a 10­foot living room viewing experience.
    • “Desktop” display mode: optimized for computer monitor display with regular display font and image size to provide a 2­foot computing viewing experience.
    • Default setting has been changed to “TV & Game” display mode, with the option to toggle to “Desktop” display mode in Android Settings menu:
      • Android Setting ­> Display ­> Display Mode (choose between “TV/Game Display Mode” or “Desktop Display Mode”)

MiiPC APPs and Firmware Enhancements:

  • Optimized “Youtube” App and “Android Browser” full­screen video playback using native hardware acceleration from built­in media player

  • Enhanced “Android Browser” desktop mode with Flash Player support to view 720P or 1080P web video content available from popular websites (e.g. Youtube website)

    To enable this mode:
    • Select “Request desktop site” in the Android Browser setting menu
    • Download and install the Flash Player app from MiiPC Featured Apps Store
    • View desktop sites with Flash content and with full screen HD video content support
  • Built­in anti­screen rotation:

    • For Apps that only support “Portrait” display mode (e.g. some mobile Android apps): MiiPC will maintain “Landscape” display mode and prevent the app from rotating the screen to “Portrait” display mode for viewing compatibility.
  • User specific MiiPC Browser settings with the following options:

    • “Auto­fit page width”: automatically adjust the website content to fit the entire width of the display screen
    • “Request desktop site”: changes the browser user agent to desktop mode to view desktop websites; it is recommended that users install the Flash Player app (available in MiiPC featured apps) to view Flash content commonly found on desktop websites.
    • “Private Mode”:
      • In this mode, the MiiPC browser will automatically clear passwords, cookies, caching and site data when you log out of your MiiPC account. This mode is set as default as extra security for all MiiPC users to prevent different MiiPC users from accessing the same logged in websites (e.g. Facebook, Gmail, etc.).
    • Browsing history:
      • Enabled browsing history specific to the login MiiPC user for faster typing of matching URLs (based on browsing history) to enter into MiiPC browser
      • Option to manually clear user browsing history
  • MiiPC File Manager:

    • Bug fixes and listing performance improvements
  • MiiPC Launcher:

    • Optimized layout for “TV & Game” Display mode
    • Fixed bug related to password reset
    • Performance optimization and stability enhancements
  • Enhanced Rooting capability:

    • Enable greater rooting capability to enable advanced users to install other popular Android Play Stores
Next Firmware Update in early March, 2014 will include Miracast feature support.