Thank you for your support. The MiiPC Cloud-based server support has been discontinued. Following the vision that initiated MiiPC we have since developed and released other mobile apps that help you control smartphone addiction. Please visit dinnertimeapp.com or qualitytimeapp.com for more information and download links. We appreciate your support on the MiiPC project.

MiiPC Video Tutorial
is now available.

How do I pronounce “MiiPC”?

It is pronounced ‘Mee-PC’. It is a play on the phrase “My PC” as we have implemented features to allow users to personalize their experience.

How does MiiPC work?

MiiPC is a real computer. You can hook up a keyboard and mouse and plug it into an external monitor or TV and begin using it. For Internet connectivity MiiPC comes with a built-in WiFi connection or you can plug in a standard network cable. MiiPC supports multi-user account access. Just login to your account, and you will see your MiiPC desktop. As the parent, you have admin privileges to register any number of kids or users in your family. You can monitor and control MiiPC activities real-time from anywhere through the MiiPC companion mobile app.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet to use MiiPC?

When the Parents register the MiiPC device for the first time, the device needs to be connected to the Internet in order to create the necessary user profile information in the MiiPC Guardian Cloud. After registration MiiPC can run without an active Internet connection. You can login, see your MiiPC desktop and run local Android apps. You just won’t have access to websites and any changes to user profile information will not be reflected until the next time MiiPC can connect to the Internet.

Is MiiPC running on a proprietary OS?

No. MiiPC uses the Android 4.2 Jelly Beans operating system. We have optimized the MiiPC user interface to use a keyboard and mouse and also to large monitors and TVs. MiiPC is designed to leverage the massive and growing Android ecosystem – huge amounts of available web apps and Android apps and online resources all providing a unique multi-user PC for the family.

What kind of mobile phone do I need to use the mobile companion app?

The MiiPC companion mobile app will initially be available for iPhones and Android Phones. We are looking into supporting other mobile platforms and also a web-based interface.

Will MiiPC track my kids’ online activities, what is the privacy policy?

MiiPC keeps a record of your kids’ activities including what websites they visit and which Android apps they run. However, we certainly respect your privacy and absolutely will not share your detailed information with anyone. Only you, as the parent, can view your kids’ activity.

How do I add websites or web apps to MiiPC?

You will have access to the MiiPC Web App Center with over 500 popular websites & webapps for parents and kids. A user with the appropriate parental control enabled can easily add a new website or web app directly to their MiiPC desktop by selecting from the different categories in the MiiPC Web App Center or simply entering a URL. The companion mobile app also allows the parent to specify websites to appear on their kids MiiPC desktop.

Can I add more Android apps to MiiPC?

Yes! 1Mobile Market providing access to over 400,000 apps will be pre-installed on MiiPC. You can add other Android Markets such as Amazon AppStore to MiiPC. And, for the more techie folks, you can manually install an APK from an SD card. And of course, the ability to install APKs is managed by parental controls.

Can I stream movies with MiiPC?

MiiPC is based on the same hardware engine as Google TV, you can stream multimedia content seamlessly on MiiPC through many popular video streaming apps and websites. It supports common music & video formats.

Can I use the companion mobile app for my own time management instead of parental monitoring?

ABSOLUTELY!!! The companion mobile app comes with built-in time management feature allows older children, such as high-schoolers, to become more productive by providing feedback on their usage. The older children can monitor their online behaviors, set self-goal to cut down time spending on addictive web sites (e.g. Facebook) and stay productive online. And for the younger kids the parental controls give parents the ability to structure a closely guarded environment and also real-time monitoring.

Can multiple users share the same app?

Yes, MiiPC is designed for multi-user environment. As a device admin, you can define what local Android applications your users (e.g. your children) will have access to. If the admin does not want other users on this MiiPC device to access this particular logged-in application, the admin can simply disable this app access privilege for other users.

What kind of power plugs / voltage is supported?

Supported voltage is 110V to 240V. MiiPC will come with a standard US plug. So if you are outside the US you will need an adapter.