The Next Generation Android™ Powered Family Device

Smart All-In-One Device

MiiPC is a multifunctional all-in-one device for your entire family.

It’s a desktop computer, media center and gaming console all in a single device. With MiiPC, anyone can surf the web, play games, watch videos, edit documents; with access to more than 300,000 android apps.

You set up different user accounts for each person in your family and each person can have their own private MiiPC desktop. And it's all protected by you.

Cloud-based Parental Controls

Why compromise with the online safety of your kids?

With MiiPC, you can protect your kids without compromise. Its powerful cloud-based parental control and patent-pending technology lets you control what, how much and even when your kids are accessing the web, games, video or apps no matter where in the world you are.

It’s child-safe computing done the right way!

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MiiPC Parental Control for iOS MiiPC Parental Control for Android

Cannonball Gaming Console

No entertainment center today is complete without gaming!

The built-­in Cannonball gaming console provides a familiar game controller experience to enhance Android gameplay on a large screen. Many of the popular game controllers are supported.

Over 400 kid-­friendly curated on demand Android game titles are already available. This growing catalog of games ranges from shooters and action adventures to role playing games all with an amazing big screen experience.

You may want to limit how often and what they play with MiiPC Parental Control, but when they do, your kids will be impressed.

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Desktop Computing Power

With a powerful ARM processor, the latest Android Jelly Bean software, MiiPC is ready for what you and your family want to do.

MiiPC can run many web or Android apps like productivity, communication, education, entertainment, media and social - even without Internet connectivity. With precise PC-­like browsing experience including Flash* support, MiiPC delivers many of the desktop features to which people have grown accustomed. Whether MiiPC is your family’s primary computer or used as a second option, you’ll find there’s no compromise!

MiiPC is a high performance green mini-PC capable of running a wide variety of applications while consuming only 5-10W of power. This is about 10 times less than the average computer!

*Flash Player will need to be installed by user separately

Media Center

With HDMI connectivity and native 1080P support, MiiPC provides a gateway to movies, videos, music and photos to your big screen.

Use MiiPC to play local HD content or use popular media center apps like XBMC and PLEX to stream multimedia HD content directly to your HDTV.

Most importantly, you can limit what your kids can access and ensure that entertainment is a family activity – once important work is done.

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